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The Royal Victoria Yacht Club began with a yacht race in 1892. With a long tradition in racing, we host a variety of local regattas throughout the year, encouraging sportsmanship and excellence in competitive sailing. 

The Club has one of the premier Learn to Sail programs in Canada. Our Dinghy sailors compete at all levels in a variety of dinghies, including Bytes, Opti’s Lasers, 29rs, 49rs, 420s and Fireballs, We are proud to be the home port for multiple National, International and Olympic sailors and we are particularly proud of our recent Paralympic podium finishes!

Dinghy sailing at our Club is complemented by several keelboat racing programs; there is a fleet of smaller, easy to sail keelboats (Martin 242’s) which are available for adult sailing instruction and for use by members for competition. In addition there are very active fleets of Mini 12 and 2.4mR boats as well as fleets of larger keelboats and multihull boats that do both Distance sailing and Round the Buoys sailing. 

We also have a growing and exciting Radio Controlled racing series and are hosting two 6 Meter keel boats that we expect to be campaigning nationally and internationally once the COVID pandemic is under control. For more information about 6 Meter sailboats, visit 6metre.com

All of the fleets take advantage of the wonderful sailing weather that we have here in Victoria and race all year round. During the summer months keel boat races are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, the rest of the year we sail on Sundays.  We have both casual and competitive racing.

In normal times we encourage people interested in keelboat racing to come down to the Club on race days when you will be sure to be able to ‘catch a ride’ on a race boat!  Due to COVID, we are asking people interested in racing, but who do not have a boat, to contact the Administration Office.

The Royal Victoria Yacht Club hosts a variety of sailing events throughout the year. View the calendar for more information about each event. 

All racing events are powered by Clubspot. In order to register for any Regatta you must have a Clubspot account. To sign up, click here.

Making Clubspot work - A How To guide to using Clubspot registration system for Sailing events.

Clubspot for Administrators - How to set up a Regatta and Registration for Sailing events. 

For over one hundred and twenty eight years, the Royal Victoria Yacht club has been developing world-class sailors, along with a well-earned reputation as an enthusiastic and welcoming club, situated in one of the worlds best boating locations. Our strength has always been the people who have come together around their shared love of boating. We invite you to be part of this legacy through our new RVYC Fund, created to support excellence in developing the many skills that contribute to enjoying time on the water.

The RVYC Fund has been established in partnership with the Victoria Foundation and will help support a range of sailing, racing and recreational boating activities at our club while providing you with the benefit of a tax receipt, issued by the Victoria Foundation, for your donation. Your donations to the RVYC Fund can be directed to an endowment that supports long-term initiatives, or to specific projects:
  • The first option involves building a long-term pool of capital, the annual returns from which will fund qualified activities in perpetuity as well as continuing to build the capital. Earnings from the endowed funds would be well suited to long term funding of ongoing initiatives, such as annual additions to our RVYC Racing Funds. Donations made in 2020 will be added to the initial contribution of $10,000 made by a generous member, in order to build up the capital.
  • The second option provides flow-through funds for specific RVYC projects that have been approved by Sail Canada, the BC Amateur Sport Fund or similar organizations, where the donation will be directed to the specific project. Examples of flow-through projects could be the purchase of boats or other equipment to support sail training programs (junior and adult), the clubs race program or other training initiatives.  Projects for funding will be identified in early 2021, and information about the approved projects and how to donate to them will be provided to members on this site as well as in the Mainsheet.
Donations can be made by cheque to the Victoria Foundation with “RVYC Fund” in the memo line, by credit card (phone 250/381-5532 and specify RVYC Fund) or in the form of publicly traded securities (see https://victoriafoundation.bc.ca/make-a-donation/).  If you would like more information about the RVYC Fund or how to contribute to it, please contact Connie Morahan, pastcommodore@rvyc.ca or 250-652-4567, or Simon Gatrell, manager@rvyc.ca or 250-592-2441.