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Clubs Within The Club

Clubs Within The Club

Clubs Within The Club

Clubs Within The Club

Every second Monday from September to June, the Knotty Knitters Group meets in the Chartroom at 1:00 pm. Members knit, crochet, mend, do needlepoint and even hook rugs. It is a drop-in group for those who like needle crafts with the emphasis on knitting. Skill levels vary from beginner to expert and there is always someone willing to help or guide another through difficult patterns or stitches. The group enjoys a potluck lunch in December and participates in a variety of projects for charity, including the Shoe Box Project. New members are always welcome!

The Social Bridge Club continues to meet at the Club for a couple of hours every Monday that the club is open at 1 pm. The emphasis is on social bridge; games aren’t taken too seriously and scores aren’t recorded. New members are always welcome! 

The Ladies cycling group meet at 10:00 am on Tuesday mornings either at RVYC or a predesignated meeting location and cycle between 20 to 40 kms depending on weather and where the best coffee location is for that day!  They are a lovely and welcoming group and look forward to seeing lots more ladies joining in on the fun.

The Men's Tuesday Cycling Group rides bikes powered by both muscle and electricity, beginning to tilt more to the latter. Guided tours of 40-50 km averaging 16-17 kph explore the CRD's neighborhoods and trails, bridges, and tunnels - at times it can feel like mountain biking - with a coffee stop along the way. They leave the RVYC parking lot at 09:30 sharp (10:00 during the slippery months).

Spend some time on the water in a different way. The RVYC paddlers have been quiet this year but paddling is a great way to get out on the water and see nature at its best. The club has four double kayaks and two single kayaks available for member use at no charge. In addition, there are six paddleboards for members to try out. Simply book online and enjoy the waters off Cadboro Bay. If you’re visiting Sidney, bring your own kayak and launch it at Tsehum Haven, or visit the Long Harbour Outstation and use the two children’s kayaks stored in the shed there. There are so many great places to paddle around Victoria, get out on the water and explore! 

In the sailing community, the death of a friend or family member is often recognized by an “Eight Bells” ceremony. The idea comes from the days of a sailor’s watch being marked every 30 minutes by the ringing of a bell with 8 bells marking the end of their 4-hour watch. “Eight bells and all is well” is a time-honored saying understood far and wide.

The Eight Bells Group at RVYC helps to provide this service to our members. A portable bell has been obtained for ringing in this scripted service. The ceremony can be conducted during a funeral service, at the time of interment, within a Celebration of Life, or before spreading one’s ashes at sea.



Membership Information:

Who may join: Any RVYC member or spouse.
Cost: A one-time assessment $250 per couple or $150 for an individual.
How do I join: Membership forms are available in the RVYC office.

Included in your membership: 

  • A comprehensive Eight Bells Estate Planning Guide
  • Access to a library of books covering this topic that may be borrowed
  • When one of our members passes they are permanently honoured by engraving their name on the base of the Eight Bells bell which is displayed in the RVYC trophy case
  • An Eight Bells ceremony