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For over one hundred and twenty eight years, the Royal Victoria Yacht club has been developing world-class sailors, along with a well-earned reputation as an enthusiastic and welcoming club, situated in one of the world’s best boating locations. Our strength has always been the people who have come together around their shared love of boating. We invite you to be part of this legacy through our RVYC Fund, created to support excellence in developing the many skills that contribute to enjoying time on the water.
The RVYC Fund has been established in partnership with the Victoria Foundation and will help support a range of sailing, racing and recreational boating activities at our club while providing you with the benefit of a tax receipt, issued by the Victoria Foundation, for your donation. Your donations to the RVYC Fund can be directed in one of two ways:

  • The first option is to build up capital in an endowment fund, from which the annual earnings will provide long-term funding for qualified ongoing club initiatives (eg. annual additions to the RVYC Racing Funds) as well as continuing to build the capital. Donations to build capital in the RVYC Fund can be made by cheque to the Victoria Foundation with “RVYC Fund - Capital” in the memo line, by credit card (phone 250-381-5532 and specify RVYC Fund - Capital) or in the form of publicly traded securities (see https://victoriafoundation.bc.ca/make-a-donation/)
  • The second option is to pass donations through the Fund to a specific club project or activity that meets the funding criteria of Sail Canada or the BC Amateur Sport Fund, and has been approved by them, to support our instructional sailing programs, the club’s race programs or other training or recreational boating initiatives such as the campaign to purchase two RS Quest dinghies.
The fund-raising campaign to purchase 2 RS Quest dinghies was our club’s first project for pass-through donations using the RVYC Fund.  In partnership with the BC Amateur Sport Fund, we had a goal to raise $30,000 to purchase two RS Quest dinghies for recreational use by our members. These dinghies are stable and big enough for 2-4 adults, and would provide more opportunities for youth, families, members without boats and other members to get out on the water.  

As of early April 2022, members had donated $22,250 which included a member’s matching donation of $5000 to honour David Cook.  An additional $2680 was subsequently donated by members and friends in memory of Bill Conconi.  In mid-April the Board of Directors halted promotion and fund-raising for the RS Quests, until they could assess the suitability of the RS Quest dinghies for their intended purpose.  In late June the Board approved the purchase of one RS Quest dinghy with spinnaker gear, with its use be monitored to determine the member demand for this type of boat. The RS Quest was ordered in September with anticipated delivery being February 2023.  Many thanks to all the members who have donated to the RS Quest project!

Contributions by credit card to the capital of the endowment fund can be made by phoning 250/381-5532 and specifying RVYC Fund-Capital, or by cheque to the Victoria Foundation with “RVYC Fund – Capital” in the memo line.  All donations receive a charitable tax receipt from the Victoria Foundation. For more information about the RVYC Fund, contact General Manager at manager@rvyc.ca.