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The RVYC has had a very active Cruising program for many, many years. The objective of the program has always been, and to this day still is, to provide opportunities for and support to members to get out on the water and broaden their boating skills while at the same time socializing and enjoying the camaraderie with like – minded members or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful cruising waters in our own backyard.

To meet this objective, the program offers organized cruises on specific holiday weekends and other non-holiday times, usually to somewhere in the Gulf Islands that is also accessible by car or ferry and/or where overnight accommodations such as camping or B&B’s are available, so members without boats can join in. There are also those long-standing traditional cruises such as the Commodore’s Cruise and Easter Cruise, which has for years been enjoyed by members of all ages. To top it all off, approximately every two years a longer distance cruise is organized to help cruisers venture farther afield with the support of having others around.

Technical and educational opportunities are provided or supported by the program to increase cruisers knowledge base or to assist them in meeting requirements set out by regulating government bodies. The cruising experience of some of our members and non- members are shared through dinners usually during the fall after returning from a cruise or in the spring before the fair- weather cruising season starts.

Cruising is more than attending program organized events, it is also about being on the water with just your own family and/or friends or even finding your favorite cove or anchorage where you just sit back and enjoy. 

Cruising Intiatives

RVYC Weekend Cruise Ideas
Including approximate distances in nautical miles (NM) from RVYC facilities.
 Destination Distance from Cadboro Bay Docks (NM) Distance from Tsehum Haven Docks (NM) Google Maps ™
RVYC Outstation, Saltspring Island 28 14 N48.860 - W123.468
RVYC Outstation, Friday Harbor, USA 21 20 N48.538 -W123.016
Ganges Harbour, Saltspring Island 29 15 N48.851 - W123.486
Russell Island, GINP 20 6 N48.749 - W123.415
James Bay, Prevost Island, GINP 27 13 N48.841- W123.399
Montague Harbour, Galiano, BC Parks 29 15 N48.894 - W123.402
Beaumont Marine Park, South Pender Island, GINP 20 10 N48.752 - W123.242
Port Browning Marina, North Pender Island 22 12 N48.776 - W123.268
Otter Bay Marina, North Pender Island 23 10 N48.798 - W123.312
Winter Cove, Saturna Island, GINP 26 16 N48.812 - W123.197
Cabbage and Tumbo Islands, GINP 29 22 N48.796 - W123.095
Princess Bay, Portland Island, GINP 18 5 N48.724 - W123.371
Royal Cove, Portland Island, GINP 20 6 N48.733 - W123.368
Sidney Spit, Sidney Island, GINP 14 4 N48.658 - W123.380
D’Arcy Island, GINP 9 10 N48.567 - W123.269
Mill Bay Marina 24 10 N48.668 - W123.557
Genoa Bay Marina 26 11 N48.769 - W123.584
Maple Bay Marina 30 15 N48.801-W123.598
Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, USA 12 12 N48.611 - W123.154
Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, USA 11 13 N48.588 - W123.160
Victoria Harbour, Greater Victoria Harbour Auth. 9 24 N48.423 - W123.376
Esquimalt Harbour 11 26 N48.452 - W123.446
Pedder Bay Marina 14 30 48.345 -123.555
Sooke Harbour Authority 24 40 48.368 -123.720

Distance between Cadboro Bay docks and Tsehum Haven docks is 17 NM

All distances are rounded to the nearest NM

RVYC has been the official Marine Park Host for Portland Island Marine Park since 1987. We provide park host services from the Victoria Day weekend to the last weekend in September. RVYC Member Hosts moor to the Parks Canada float in Princess Bay.  Duties include providing information to visiting boaters in Princess Bay, through the park’s Marine Host program, and recording information to assist Parks Canada with park management.

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The Shipping News includes the names of Reciprocal visiting yachts to Cadboro Bay with their assigned slip. This information is obtained at the time of registration by Foreshore Staff. This will facilitate members recognizing friends visiting and providing a warm welcome to our club to those yachts arriving from great distances. The Shipping News will also facilitate our goal of maintaining a record of total numbers of visitors and where they are travelling from.

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RVYC has supported the BC Marine Parks Forever Society since its inception in 1990.  During this time, the organization has acquired private lands in desirable anchorages that now serve as beautiful BC Marine Parks, safeguarded safe havens (protected anchorages in exposed locations) from aquaculture leases and other commercial development, and installed stern ties in popular Marine Parks like Desolation Sound.  A new BC Marine Parks Guide is also being developed.  For more information visit the BC Marine Parks Forever Society website. 

A reminder to members who are using BC Parks docks to tie up. The maximum allowable length is 36’ to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy these facilities. Park Hosts are asking for voluntary compliance, but will take note of repeat offenders and send a letter of compliance if necessary.

For more information about the Marine Parks Forever Society, click here


The RVYC Cruising Achievement Awards were launched in 1995 with the inception of The Sydney Bryant Centennial Plate for Blue Water Cruising Excellence which was created to recognize notable offshore voyages. Since that time, two additional major cruising awards, for voyages of varying magnitudes, The Conconi Plaque for Exceptional World Cruising Achievement and The Tom & Margaret Denny Trophy for Coastal Cruising Achievement have been added to further chronicle, celebrate, and inspire fellow adventurers.
All nominees for awards are evaluated by the Cruising Awards Subcommittee, comprised of the Cruising Fleet Captain, previous award winners, and other designated club members. In October of each year, the Cruising Awards Subcommittee meets to consider awards and plaques for yachts that have completed their journeys within the prior October 1 to September 30 time frame.

All nominations must be submitted by September 30 to the Cruising Fleet Captain by email; cruisingfleetcaptain@rvyc.ca or letter mail: (Attn: Cruising Fleet Captain and dropped off at the Club Office.


The Conconi Plaque for Exceptional World Cruising Achievement

Named in honour of Bill and Ellie Conconi who, together and as individuals, raised the profile and participation of cruising in the Club by leading many cruises to such destinations as the West Coast, Haida Gwaii and the Central Coast. Bill and Ellie each served as Cruising Fleet Captain. Bill also served as Commodore, Honorary Commodore and was awarded Honorary Life Member status. The award recognizes the exceptional seamanship over extended ocean passages.

Award Criteria:

  • Involves an exceptionally long-distance voyage, such as a circumnavigation via the Southern Oceans, or a voyage of great significance

The Sydney Bryant Centennial Plate for Blue Water Cruising Excellence

Named in honour of Sydney Bryant who loved sailing and was heavily involved in all aspects of the sport. RVYC Commodore (’82, ’83), Olympic Judge - he had a goal of sailing in every ocean, in both hemispheres and he did it. This award recognizes club members’ notable offshore voyages.

Award Criteria:

  • Yacht leaves from and returns to Victoria, on her own bottom
  • Involves a voyage of more than 10,000 nm outside of sheltered waters
  • At some point during the voyage the yacht is more than five days away from the nearest landmass
  • Additional factors to be considered include total distance travelled, voyage duration, size of yacht and number and age of crew
  • At most a single award will be awarded each year

Blue Water Cruising Recognition Awards

Award Criteria:

  • For members who have completed an offshore voyage that meets some, but not all, of the criteria identified for the Sydney Bryant Centennial Plate
  • At most, four of these awards are given each year

The Tom & Margaret Denny Trophy for Coastal Cruising Achievement Award

Established in 2000, this award is named after Tom & Margaret Denny who spent decades cruising the coast of British Columbia as well as several trans-oceanic voyages. This recognizes significant achievements in extended coastal cruising by RVYC members and thereby encourages ambitious coastal cruising.

Award Criteria:

  • Awarded for a single voyage, normally one that begins and ends in the Victoria area
  • Normally involves a coastal cruise more extensive than to Alaska and return or a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island
  • Additional factors to be considered include the total distance travelled, distance travelled outside of sheltered waters, duration of voyage, size of yacht and the number, age and experience of crew members
  • At most a single award will be given each year

Coastal Cruising Recognition Awards

This award recognizes coastal cruising achievements such as voyaging to Haida Gwaii, Alaska, and circumnavigating Vancouver Island.

Award Criteria:

  • For club members who complete an extended coastal cruise and meet some, but not all, of the criteria for the Denny Award
  • At most, four of these awards are given each year

Coastal Cruising Maiden Voyage Recognition Awards

This award is to encourage and celebrate new adventurers. It recognizes a yacht’s maiden trip to a local destination, such a Desolation Sound.

Award Criteria:

  • At most, four of these awards are given each year


In addition to awards for offshore adventurers, the Club endeavours to chronicle voyages on the World Chart, located on the wall of the Chartroom at the RVYC Clubhouse. Members’ locations are documented on this chart in real time. While travelling, offshore members are asked to keep in touch with the Club so that their voyages can be logged, and positions updated on the World Chart.

Criteria: To be included, yachts must meet the following:

  • The final destination must be more than 1,000 NM from where the yacht started its voyage
  • A portion of the 1,000 NM should be “blue water” cruising
  • Yachts purchased in, or commercially transported to, a far-off location and cruised “locally” in that location, will not be included